in the streets
the summer event 2022

From 14 July to 14 August 2022, IN THE STREETS was of course based in the hypercentre of Brussels, giving it a very urban character without however changing its fundamental nature. 

During this new City of Brussels event, everything took place out in the street to enable the urban and heterogeneous public (and families alike) to experience a pleasant, welcoming and inclusive city. A host of free (sporting, cultural and artistic) and convivial events enabled unusual discoveries to be made in the city centre, which was rendered more attractive and dynamic than ever for the occasion.

Brussels residents and tourists were able to discover:
• PLAY UP and PLAY DOWN, two urban villages offering city sports and other summer activities;
• WALK, an art trail which linked the two villages;
• VIBE, five semi-acoustic musical stages at the foot of iconic city centre staircases.

See you next summer!

dynamic map in the streets

2 villages

Play Up

Play Down

1 artistic


5 street music